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Five Herbs That Cure Your Breasts for Looks and Health

Nowadays, every woman wants to have a unique and eye catchy appearance among rests. Women are more attentive and proactively intended to their looks. Not only posture and gesture but also your body construction make people to admire you. Some call you beautiful, some call you pretty, some call you hot and some call you sexy. At present beauty is defined by the figure of your body. It is bitter truth that time has gone when people used to judge people by heart. Now everything is face and the things hidden under the clothes.

Perfect look, whether it is decent, classic, modern or hot, is the best ornament women carry along with themselves. Men call a girl sexy if she has good or perfect size. Breast size is a major point in the consideration when talking about looks. No matter how much female say that they do not care how they look, but the fact is they are more conscious for their figure and appearance.

Being nurtured by the ignorance of fatty things and many other factors, girls’ appearance is being a common topic among people for gossiping. Women want to have good size for their breast. As age changes feeling of hatred comes in women if they do not find there breast size attractive among their friend circle. At last it leads to anxiety, frustration, irritation, change in behaviour and phobia of being called normal-looking girl.

What Women Usually Do

Many of women prefer breast surgery and use padded bra or blouse to have good appearance of their breast. On the other hand, many do believe in different types of breast toners available in the market. They spend money after money on these worthless products and do not see any improvement in the breast appearance. Youngsters also believe that regular sucking of their nipple by their husband or boyfriend and breastfeeding enlarges the size of the breast. Yes, it is somehow true but meanwhile it deteriorates the shape of your breast and you do not get satisfaction with your enlarged breast by wearing any bra of any cup and size.

Herbs That You Need the Most

But what if you can get the freedom from any type of mental depression and surgery? Yeah! There are few herbs which cure your breast in best manner and let you live happily without any side effects and risks in future.

Pueraria mirifica

Cultivated in Thailand this plant is majorly used there for the enhancement of breast size. This is safe to consume by women and free from any type of side effects. Besides this, it is also used to get rid the problem caused by menopausal symptoms.


This flowering plant is found almost everywhere in the world. Having licorice-type flavour, this plant is related to cumin and carrots. Having much amount of natural chemicals which can act as estrogen in human body, this plant is highly recognised among people to have help in increment of breast size. Medicine made of this are available in the market in capsule and other forms. This plant is also helpful to enhance sexual power and milk flow in woman body.


This seed is known among consumers due to inducing childbirth as well as stimulating milk production to feed infants. By showing estrogen increment in the women body, it affects the breast tissues and leads to size increment.

Fennel (rezene)

Containing much amount of phytoestrogens, this seed is majorly used to cure illness and several other health problems. It induces milk production and sexual capability in the women body. Besides this, it is also used to help in getting perfect breast size with firmness.

Licorice (sweet root)

By producing estrogen in women body, it helps in quick growth of breast tissues. Many women favour this seed to increase breast size in minimal time period.

Other Benefits

Consuming these herbs on daily basis in little amount is sufficient to notice changes in your figure. These herbs help not only to enlarge your breasts but also keep these firm and perfect in size, which in turn results your admirable look. It helps you to be eye catchy in the parties and other functions. Long-term use may get you relieved you from the problem of wearing bra all the time. Yes, they herbs give firmness and perfect shape to your body which other people try to get by wearing different kinds of bras. Moreover to this, these herbs keep your breasts healthy, ensure proper availability of milk for breastfeeding and stay you away from breast cancer too.


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Give Your Female Partner an Orgasmic Feel of Deep Sexual Pleasure

In this busy life, we spent most of our time whether in the stressful environment of office or understanding the unsolved mystery of competitive books. Whenever we get time out of this, we do use some social media apps or sometimes visit porn websites. This is all the sum of our daily lives. If we are single, we do masturbate, if we have partner we go with him or her for sexual pleasure.

Both masturbation and sex are good in their own way. Where in masturbation you satisfy your reveries by touching yourself in most inappropriate way, in couple sex you satisfy yourself in the company of your partner. Some men finish it within five minutes, while some go for hours in bed with their partner. But have you ever wondered that while doing sex, you feel satisfied but whether she is satisfied?

Yes! Might be she would not tell you but she may not feel satisfied with you during sexual intercourse. In a relation, initially it is ignored by both, but later this issue arises with serious concern, which leads to disturbance in personal life and sometimes end of the relations too. If you really love her, it is your responsibility to make her feel satisfied in any way.

It Takes a Lot to Win Her

Chanakya has said that women are eight times more sexually active than men, it means it requires a lot to satisfy their bodily needs. Studies have revealed that almost 72 per cent women do not feel orgasm during sex. They just compromise their bodily wish with the orgasm of their partner.

It is not a game of some five minutes. But is it all about putting yours into hers? No! It is more than that. You should be attached to her from her hearth, not by body. You should understand her wishes and words without her words. This brings maturity in a relations and makes both understand each other.

Let’s learn few ways you can try with your partner so that she becomes proactive with you next time onwards:

  • It is often seen that while doing intercourse, men become self-obsessed and wait for the moment of orgasm. They forget that there is one more person with them who also wants to be satisfied at the very same time. For example, Andrea wants her boyfriend to eat her vagina during sex, but Robert does not like to touch her vagina with mouth. This leads Andrea down and uninterested in sex. She also hides her sexual feeling from Robert because he hardly cares her words for healthy sexual relations. You are required to understand her feelings.
  • Do not do anything which she resists. If she does not like oral sex, just try to convince her calmly. Doing it forcefully may make her feel disinterested in sex for a long time.
  • Do not get confused with her moaning. When you enter your penis into hers, it gives pain initially but after few minutes pleasure. If she moans, makes little noise, it means she is enjoying it, but it does not mean that she has achieved her orgasm. It is just the beginning of her pleasure.
  • Take proper rest before doing sex. Stay calm and stay cool. Do not do any hurry while doing with her. The time is yours so the orgasm is.
  • Hold her hand. Cross your fingers with hers. Start from soft kisses and touches.
  • Hug her and gradually rub her back.
  • Kiss on the neck by pushing hair back. This is one of the most sensitive points to ignite her. She would always love her.
  • Grab her lips into yours and do a warm smooch. Yes! Repeat your smooch by closing your eyes while rubbing her back.
  • Remove her top from the shoulder and kiss there. Slightly make the shoulder bare by putting the bra strap off the shoulder. Kiss there. Meanwhile, do not forget to rub her back.
  • While kissing on shoulder, you can bring one of your hand on her breasts and roll over it. Remember, do not press.
  • Come again on lips and do a hard smooch. Read her face now. It will tell you a lot what she desires at that moment.
  • Slightly press her breasts.
  • Keep kissing and move one of your hand to her buttock. Press there gently.
  • Slightly move your hand inside her top from the back and ask her if it can be removed now.
  • Do not do hurry, let her put off her top.
  • Look at her breasts locked in some sized bra. Appreciate it and take it into your palm. Press gently.
  • Kiss again. Cover her faces, lips, shoulders and neck with your kisses.
  • There are hundreds of men who find difficulty in unhooking the bra. Be brave, unhook it from back rather than putting off both bra straps. Remove her bra gently.
  • Now you have another softest part of her body. Roll your hand over it. Press gently.
  • Touch the nipples with your fingers and thumb and look at her face. If she smiles, she is welcoming you to run over you.
  • Put of your t-shirt and let her feel the warmth of your body. She will roll her palm over your chest, let her do. She will kiss too, let her do. Feel pleasure with her. Meanwhile, you can keep pressing her breast gently.
  • Go down. Unhook her jeans and let her do yours. Do not stop her if she enters her hand into your underwear. Let her play her part, let her be and let her do what she wants. If she is doing this, you are on the right track. You have ignited her desires in proper way.
  • Cuddle with her. Rub her body gently and let her do the same. Keep talking. If you want, you can play instrumental music or some slow romantic songs too in the background.
  • Do more and more romantic activity with your partner before you start sex.
  • Play with her body parts head to toe. Let her do the same.
  • Touch her softly. Let her nipples touch your body. Listen her breathing and lock her lips into yours.
  • Touch her vagina slowly and patiently. Do not do hurry to insert your penis or finger, just roll your hand there.
  • Let her take your penis in hand and play.
  • Do not ask her to kiss on penis. Let her do if she desires. Be open and cooperate with her as you expect her to do when you touch her down there.
  • Go down and kiss on her thigh. Run butterfly over her body. Kiss around her bellybutton. Kiss her stomach. Come up again. Let her again hold your penis and your take her breasts in your arm.
  • Kiss her breasts again and then again. Cherish her face and put all her hair back. Let her kiss you wherever she wants. Make yourself free for her, this is what she needs.
  • Turn her. Kiss on her back. Come down gradually from shoulder to back.
  • If you people do enjoy oral sex, you can start then but putting yours into her mouth or by eating her vagina.
  • Before eating vagina, kiss gently there again and again. Rub gently. She will moan but do continue. Notice where are her hands. If these are on your head while you are engaged with her vagina, you are doing great. Keep going.
  • Take rest for a while and talk to her. Take deep breathes. It not only makes you and your partner more active but also increases your sex time span.
  • Always remember that doing something on regular basis may be boring. Sex is more about a feel and pleasure not only about penetrating vagina with an erected penis. So sometimes try new things in your sex. Monotonous sex leads to lack of interest of your partner. For example, you can change room, you can change time, you can change dress, you can change music, you can use handcuffs or blindfold, you many you can change type of sex, you can change position and so on. Do innovative things that will engage your partner is more prominent way. For example, you can use ice-creams or chocolate for foreplay. Put it anywhere on her body and then lick softly. Do the same for her as well
  • Again, do not do hurry. If you do hurry in anything, it may frustrate her and leave unsatisfied. Play with her body parts gently and listen what she desires.
  • It is a bitter fact that if your partner is not enjoying it, you are also not enjoying the actual pleasure of sex. If you think so, it is a myth. Do more and more foreplay to ignite her more and more. Women take little time to be turned on so keep patience till she is activated.
  • Do not hesitate to repeat any activity if she requests you to do so or you notice it is giving her pleasure.
  • Do not enter your penis inside her blindly. Wait for the moment her vagina gets wet after foreplay. If her vagina is wet, it means she is ready to take your penis in.
  • Push your penis inside her gradually. Wet vagina works as lubricant and makes the entry easy. Note that you are putting your weight on her. Let her feel the penetration rather than diverting her mind by putting your weight on her body. Gradually increase the frequency of strokes. Do let her breath properly. Meanwhile, ask her if she is not comfortable in that position or she wants to try any new position on bed or floor.
  • You can notice that her nipples have been tight now. Rub these in your fingers. Press her breasts tightly this time and repeat. Make eye contact with her and wink on her. Pass smile and flying kiss.
  • Once you are done, do foreplay again. Kiss on her lips to end it in a good way.
  • Ask her whether she enjoyed this time. Hug her tightly.

Always remember that be attached with your partner on emotional and mental level so that you feel the best of sexual pleasure on physical level.

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Stress, Periods, PCOD and Your Compromises with the Job

Yes, long working hours and tension of completing daily target in the office has led me to face severe issue. Earlier it was just stress but later it went worst when had impact on the functioning of my body. I could see irregularity in my periods, in turn, delay, pain and cysts. It directly reflects to Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), says Richa, a professional academic research expert in Mumbai. Also, Vinita had to leave the job within few days of her joining since she was unable to cop up with her unbearable pain caused by PCOD during office hours. But the question is what causes PCOD?

There may be multiple issues causing PCOD including stress, modern life style, improper sleep, hormonal changes, irregular diets and food without nutritional values.

Directly or indirectly, stress is related to psychological stress or a feeling of emotional imbalance and tension. Feeling a little stressed at times could be useful for a person since it indicates that you are conscious enough about your environment. This will prepare you for ‘fight-or-flight’ situations. But you should be aware of rationalising the conditions and understanding the difference between short-term stress and long-term stress. People who feel more stressed on a continuous basis feel depressed, anxious and irritable. This chronic stress can lead to flare-ups of PCOD. Moreover, stress can also be the striker in creating a hormonal imbalance.


Stress, PCOD and Menstrual Cycle: Impact on Job


Excessive stress is also denoted as a burnout that is directly linked to both PCOD and irregular periods. Stress as a never-ending cycle leaves you with the feeling of disempowerment and lost with self-control. Usually, people when going through the phase of stress and depression, have to encounter others with constant positive energy and time but fall back.

Chain-smoking and female hormones are important triggers that mediates the progression of PCOD. A delay in regular monthly cycle and missing periods are found commonly related to stress. Longer menstrual cycles and delays are generally associated with a high level of anxiety. This can have an impact on your productivity and performance at your workplace and can also interfere with physical and emotional health. Women with high stress are more prone to an interdependency pattern at the workplace.

Organizations give excessive pressures to the employees with the temptation of incentives and other perks and in such cases, male employees take advantage. In line, to be competitive, women also take part in such office culture and then it ends with their health issues. A woman body is always complex matter to understand since keeping going through hormonal changes throughout the life. To relieve the stress, these women take help of cigarettes and alcohol but when it does not work, these women become the prey of PCOD. Women in the twenties are more prone to PCOD and increasing stress.


Recognize the triggers and stressors


  • Financial and living situations
  • Sleep habits
  • Employment and job
  • Feeling over exhaustive or depleted of energy.
  • Social withdrawals.
  • Feeling fatigued, headache.
  • Increased restlessness and become cynical or negative about yourself.
  • Reduced efficiency.
  • Improper diets
  • Food with less or no nutrition
  • Long working hours

These all could behave as stress inducers resulting in worsening of the condition with compromises.


Tips to Heal: Taking care of yourself


Here are some tips given to manage the stress levels if you are affected both physically and psychologically with an impact on your work.


  • Reach out to people. Sometimes the art of talking and getting sympathy can be highly effective. Share your stress with someone close to you.
  • Exercise daily can mediate positive energy in you. You can give your day a start-up with meditation and yoga.
  • Healthy dietary habits are recommended. Make your choices to some stress bursting food that will prevent mood swings.
  • Less of sleeping hours may affect your capacity, productivity, skills, creativity and focus so keep yourself hydrated with a good sleep of at least 6-7 hours.
  • Consult with the gynaecologist regarding maintenance of the body.


If you are having long working hours or have spent previous months or years in pressure just to earn money nothing else, then try to change your job or learn how to manage the pressure in these working hours. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has also said that love your job, not your company.




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Are Roasted Almonds Really Healthy?

Photo by Олеся from Pexels

Almond is always a rich source of fat. It consists of unsaturated fat more than saturated fat. One on side, saturated fat leads to bad cholesterol, unsaturated fat lowers bad cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease, on the other. Almond is also a source of omega-3, omega-6, and monounsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats help in cells’ construction. This maintains muscles health by absorbing minerals and vitamins in your body. So, almonds are no doubt healthy for the body.

But are roasted almonds healthy? To get the answer we must differentiate between roasted almonds and raw almonds.

Fat Composition

Raw almonds are free from bad cholesterol, whereas higher in saturated fat. When we roast raw almonds, saturated fats and unsaturated fats go up. The fat composition here is not any subject to much concern. This makes consumption of roast almonds is quite healthy just like raw almonds. Raw almonds have better contents of fibres than roasted fibres. Contents of fibres go down in when we roast them. For the people who are up to weight loss, roasted almonds are not beneficial for them comparatively. May roasted almond be proved athletes’ post-workout nutritious food due to its taste, fats, and omega compositions.

Vitamin B

Thiamin is water-soluble vitamin B and it is three times more in raw almonds than roasted almonds. When we roast raw almond, the amount of B-Complex vitamin goes down. As we notice that there is 5% B-complex of daily requirements in half a cup of roasted almond. The same amount of raw almond provides 14% B-complex of the daily requirement. So, if you are looking high B-complex in your diet, raw almonds are a better option. There is no harm to consume roasted almond if there are no abundant benefits.

Boost Metabolism

Roasted or raw almonds are the source of 100% daily requirement for vitamin E. Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin E and thiamin are responsible for converting food into energy. It also boosts the body’s metabolism. Roasted almonds are rich sources of Riboflavin, Niacin, and thiamin. You need to include roasted almonds in your diet for weight loss without any second thought.

Other Benefits

Roasted almonds have abundance in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. These play an important role in your bone health. For heart health, soothing migraine headaches, these are the most required minerals. In premenstrual syndrome and relieving anxiety, these are the efficient source. Minerals are helpful to build strong teeth, repair cells and tissue, filter out wastes from kidneys and manage and store energies.

In short, roasted almonds may not be as healthy as raw almonds, but these are the tasty solution to stay fit and healthy.

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Winter Is Ready! And You?

November has come and with it there has come the days we miss most during summers. Yes! Winters are here! It is the season most of us are in love with because now we can enjoy tea with it warmth taste, peanuts, Gajak, Gazar ka Halwa and many other things.

Take Care of Your Body

During winter, the body experiences a change in the pattern of flow of energy, metabolism and even choices of food. So, the body needs to generate extra heat by consuming more calories. Older adults and children are more vulnerable therefore needs extra care. Also, it’s the time when your body’s immunity is put to be tested. When it comes to the impacts on health, hypothermia, cough and cold and fever are some signs which when observed frequently may lead to prolonged hospitalization. Seasonal influenza is also common due to viruses along with respiratory and cardiovascular diseased conditions. These do hold long in winters and claim many lives every time; therefore, we all should be aware of how to prevent ourselves from winters.

Tips to Stay Healthy

Taking care of yourself is, therefore, an integral part of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Participation in physical activities and indoor and outdoor exercises including aerobics will boost up your immunity both physically and mentally and help you to feel more active and focused the whole day.
  • Proper diet with foods rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein is vital that keep you going all day. Vitamin C also strengthens your immunity. In winters, try oranges and other citric foods for source of vitamin C.
  • Irrespective of the weather, every day your body needs a minimum amount of water and liquids to regulate the body functions properly. Staying all day hydrated will also boost up your immunity and protect you from infections like influenzas.
  • A proper sleep of seven to eight hours is needed by the body since poor sleep will be reflected in your daily work routine and will be blamed for issues like stress, depression, mood swings, and even weight gain and dark circles. So, ensure a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep patterns.

Be Colourful with Cloths

Since winters are about dark cold days, its time to wrap up by the season but do you think there’s need to stop looking fabulous? Actually no! This winter, fashion trends will offer you a bit of glam with inspiring colours and necessary designs. Certain soothing colours as emerald green, bleach pink, classic black are mainly grasped by the youths and are a mainstay of winter fashion.

Where traditional black, brown denim and leather pieces are there in your count, switching to the chunky sweaters with tights and Sherpa jackets may also be a good option. While also staying warm you can switch to camel or grey fur scarf with long coats or fringes and boots. This will give you an easy match with elegant looks. A leather black or charcoal grey bag will highlight the overall idea of styling. Pick up some handy warmers that will provide you enough space for layering with thick gloves and good hats are essentials for protecting from inclement weather. In the end, you have to make sure to keep your health and fashion intact to cater you a trendy and sophisticated glamorous look.

So, be wild with winters and enjoy it at its best. Be fearless, travel to hill stations to feel snowfalls, buy new blankets and sweaters and most importantly stay healthy stay fit.


Cure Your Canker Sores with Home Remedies

Canker sores are painful blisters in mouth. You might be knowing it as aphthous ulcer. These occur in sides of tongue and inside lips. You can get them inside the cheeks as well as on gums. They are surrounded by red ring and yellow or white in center.

Usually it happens to them who are in stress due to their work or home life. Women suffer from canker sores more than men. These can be cause of hereditary. If anyone in your family is having this issue, there are more chances that you also may suffer from canker sores.

Cause of Canker Sores

Stress, minor injuries, sodium lauryl sulphate while using toothpaste, food allergies, hormonal changes, and vitamin deficiencies are the reasons of canker sores.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Less usages of acidic and spicy foods.
  • Don’t poke canker sore with tongue.
  • Stay hydrated with plenty water intake.
  • Have nutritious food.
  • Include vitamin regular basis.
  • Meditate to avoid stress.
  • Take extra care while brushing or eating.

Canker sores: Natural home remedies

If you are suffering from painful canker sores, use these home remedies.

Salt Water

Salt water is very much helpful for canker sores. It is natural disinfectant. Salt water will relieve your pain that will speed up your healing process.

Fenugreek leaves

Fenugreek leaves have healing properties. A well-known natural remedy for dentistry which can also boost your immunity system. It is a rich source of carotene, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, carotene, and many more.

Include fenugreek leaves in your food or you can direct apply it to painful canker sore to avoid sever pain in canker sores.


Basil is used on pizza, sauces, and in salads. It is widely used in many recipes and is good in taste. In addition, it is a natural remedy for dentistry apart from taste. It has anti-microbial properties which help in soothing canker sores. You can chew its leaves during your meals or soak these in hot water and use it as mouth wash.

Baking soda

Baking soda is alkaline base which has property to neutralize acids. You can sooth your mouth with the irritation of canker sores with Baking soda. Use baking soda and rinse with fresh water.

Probiotic yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is a rich source of good bacteria. Good bacteria will revive your oral flora. This will help to ease canker sores. Good bacteria will help to improve your health of mouth, stomach, and intestine.

These painful blisters of canker sores can easily calm with these above homemade remedies and precaution. So, apply these without second thought and enjoy real taste of food and drink.

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Feeling Tired after Spending Hectic Day? Try This

Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash

Are you feeling tired after spending such a long hectic day? It is very obvious to feel tired due to your busy life schedule. Often, you wake up early in the morning but don’t feel the energy. Usually, you hit snooze button and postpone your awaking up call. But it is the worst thing you are doing with yourself. It will lead your body to worse laziness.

You should do the below things if you feel tired most often.

Sound Sleep

A sound sleep is a best thing to wake you up with full of energy. So you need to do everything which requires for sound sleep. So, there are many things which you should perform before going to bed. You can take a warm water bath, do meditation before sleeping, and listen your favorite song before going to bed. Along with that you can do some post-dinner yoga and asana such as diamond asana, light stretching. Reading book is also beneficial for getting a sound sleep. Another thing you can do is take half bucket lukewarm water and add three to four tablespoons of salt in it. Dip your legs in it for ten minutes. It will reduce your stress level, give freshness to the mind, washout dead cells on the legs and open pores to let you feel fresh air on your body more actively.

For getting a sound sleep you need to avoid use of electronic devices. Blue rays and ultraviolet rays are horrible for your sound sleep.

These all activities are helpful to get you a sound sleep. Try it and you will wake up with full of energy. Throughout the day you will be active and tiredness will be a theory of past for you.

Find the Reason

If you are taking proper sleep yet you find yourself tired, it is a peak time to look for the reason. Mostly when your liver is weaken, your body shows such sign. Liver can do more than 400 works for body. When there is any internal issue, liver tries to solve these by itself. So, there is burden on liver. If you can improve liver health, you can get your energetic life back. So, have foods full of chlorophyll to bring your liver to normal functioning. Green vegetables juice, wheatgrass juice, and fresh fruit juice are beneficial in this order.

Hydrate Yourself

Nowadays with the stressful life we generally skip drinking water. Drinking tea, coffee or other liquids reduce your trust level but unfortunately do not provide you all the minerals and other nutrients which you can get through water only. Due to this, our body feels restless or tired. In a day normally eight glasses of water are sufficient to hydrate body. When your body is hydrated, your mood and energy will be at high level.  But remember don’t intake water just before going to bed or 1 hour before going to bed. If you do, it will hamper your sleep.


Running or doing exercises in the morning will fill you with energy. With this, you will have an enthusiastic day. Exercise will deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. It is necessary to avoid tiredness. But don’t do heavy exercises because it will lead you to tiredness and hamper your work.

Take a Nap

If you choose a nap during your busy schedule, you will find it an amazing experience. It will return your body’s energy.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food doesn’t give our body proper nutrients but stops our hunger. Lacking of nutrients will make us tired throughout the day. Also, these foods increase fat amount in our body, which results we put on weight, and we face several abdominal problems on daily basis.

If tiredness is hampering your daily work and efficiency, use these above activities. You will find that tiredness is a subject of past for you. Remedies of each problem are at our home only but the need is to find those and use in daily lives. These remedies will also help you to get rid stress, mood swings, sleeplessness, anxieties and other problems.


Is Masturbation Good?

Masturbation is a taboo in our society but it is just touching yourself for sexual pleasure and very much natural same as doing sex.  Many of us masturbate but shy away to talk about it or we make fun of it among people.

Before puberty, many children discover feeling themselves is quite good. You suddenly turn awkward or angry. Actually, there may be many benefits of masturbation and we are going to light on them. So that next time you catch your child touching himself, let him know it is normal but also should maintain privacy.

Masturbation health benefits

You may have gone through many weird expressions about masturbation such as you will get infertility, once you begin it you become habitual, it shrinks your reproduction parts, it grows hair in unwanted places and many more. None of these are true.

Maybe you are shocked to read or feel it crazy but there are benefits of it. Masturbation is not unhealthy at all. It is good for mental and physical health. You can consider it the safest sex, you will have no risk of sexually transmitted diseases or getting pregnant.

When you get ejected, your body will release hormones like endorphins that soothe pain and let you feel good. You have a great feeling when you get orgasm whether it is sex with a partner or by yourself.

  • Masturbation is good to reduce stress.
  • Masturbation helps to treat many sexual diseases.
  • It relieves muscle tension and menstrual cramps.
  • It strengthens and tones your muscle in your anal and pelvic areas.
  • It releases sexual tension.
  • It fights against sleeping disorders.
  • It can improve your body image and self-esteem.
  • It helps to figure out what type of sex do you enjoy most. Where do you like the most to be touched? Do you like fast or slow ejection? How to make yourself feel good without much burden on your partner? How much pressure do you feel good?

There are no issues with masturbating generally. Many people masturbate once in a week, month, two months, and some don’t masturbate. But the problems generate when people start masturbating too much because it gets you away from your work, responsibility, social life, and many more. If you do have an excess of the masturbating problem, you should consult the doctors. The therapist will help you to get over from guilt type of feelings.  It’s ok if you masturbate while you are in a relationship. It shows you a different way to please yourself. Both female and male can have this whenever they want. Moreover, doing it on regular interval keeps one fresh and more active.


Five Ways to Cure Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain or stomach pain occurs in the belly area. The area of abdominal consists of stomach, pancreas, small and large intestine, liver, and reproductive organs.  Area covers the part below of ribs to pelvis.

There are some sorts of pain:

  • Generalized pain: This type of pain, you feel half than your stomach portion. This type of pain is because of gas, stomach virus, and indigestion.
  • Localized pain: Pain is found in stomach area only. This will be a sign of organ problem such as gallbladder, appendix, or stomach.
  • Cramp pain: Most of the time it is not consider much serious. It occurs due to bloating, and gas. Usually this occurs after diarrhea.
  • Colicky pain: This type of pain starts and ends so fast. Usually it is severe type of pain. Gallstones and kidney stones are default reasons for such type of abdominal pain.

Ways to Cure Abdominal Pain:

If abdominal pain is due to general causes, you can cure it with home remedies.

  • Drink lukewarm water with start of morning:

If the reason behind abdominal pain is gas, indigestion, and constipation, starting your morning with drinking lukewarm water is best remedy to avoid pain. Lukewarm water will help blood to flow in your body without any extra effort. This makes all internal organs to function perfectly. Internal organs will extract nutrients of foods and digest it without extra effort. Besides these, fluids are used to sooth the pain. Fluids are given directly into your vein to improve fluid loss and your small intestine.

  • Use Carom Seeds:

You can use carom seeds with warm water. The active enzymes in carom seeds releases gastric juice. This juice helps to boost digestive function. You can roast carom seeds and take it with warm water for speedy effect.


  • Ginger:

Ginger relieves gastric problems. Including ginger in daily diet is very much helpful in menstrual cycle. It is helpful for woman to fight against abdominal pain during period.

  • Avoid solid food and dairy foods:

If you are suffering from abdominal pain, avoid solid food. You can use hotchpotch (khichdi) with maximizing water portion. When you are in abdominal pain, avoid consuming milk and its product. Along with that you need to avoid fried foods, high-fat foods, and food with citrus acid, alcohol, caffeine, tomato products and beverages with carbonate.

  • Fasting:

If you have abdominal pain due to overeating or foods which produce gastric problems, fasting is recommended or best solution for avoiding abdominal pain. Pain killer or other medicines are not helpful to feel you ease. You should not take medicine without doctor’s advice.


Some other cares:

  • Use hot water bag or bottle on abdomen.
  • Before eating foods, you should start with water.
  • Have a rest with plenty amount.
  • If painkiller is mandatory, use mild one such as paracetamol. Avoid aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs.


Abdominal pain usually goes away without surgery. You can check all those above ways to cure it. But if you are suffering from the abdominal pain, don’t forget to consult with doctor.


Keep Yourself Fit with Coconut Water

Coconut is not considered as a nut but as a fruit. Coconut water is found in the green, young coconut. Water helps nourish fruit. Coconut water contains 94% water and little amount of fat.

Coconut water can be a refreshing, tasty, and instant energy source but coconut water does not limit to these qualities. It has a good source of minerals and several nutrients.

Rich Source of Nutrients and Minerals

On an average, a green coconut contains 0.5 to 1 cups of water. In one cup or 240 ml, it provides nutrients in below amount.

  1. Calories: 46 grams.
  2. Protein: 2 grams.
  3. Carbs: 9 grams.
  4. Fibre: 3 grams.
  5. Potassium: 11% of RDI
  6. Magnesium: 15% of RDI
  7. Calcium: 6% of RDI
  8. Manganese: 17% of RDI
  9. Sodium: 11% of RDI

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants are helpful to fight against free radicals. These Free radicals are unstable molecules which produce in cells. The production of free radicals results in injury or stress. Once free radicals are in abundant amount then oxidative stress is going to take place. Oxidative stress disease risk by damaging cells.

Coconut water is a rich source of antioxidants. It is helpful to improve free radicals since they are no longer harmful.

Researchers conducted an experiment was made on the rat with damage liver.  The experiment shows that coconut water treatment helps to improve oxidative stress significantly.

In another experiment on the rat, it is found that coconut water treated high-fructose diet successfully. Blood pressure, free radical symptoms, insulin level, and triglycerides decrease significantly.

Good in Diabetes

As per research, coconut water has shown good effects on limiting blood sugar levels as well as diabetic issues.

In another experiment on the rat, it is found that coconut water helped rats to lower haemoglobin A1c level. It was a sign of better blood sugar level for a long time.

A cup of coconut water contains magnesium, 6 grams of digestible carb and 3 grams of fiber. Magnesium boosts insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar level. This makes coconut water best for diabetes patients.

Prevents Kidney Issues

Although plain water is good for preventing kidney stones, coconut water is a better choice. Coconut water prevents crystals from sticking to urinary tract parts and kidneys.

Heart Health

Coconut water is very helpful for heart health. Consumption of coconut water is helpful to reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol. There is a significant improvement in liver fat.

Coconut water is a nutritious, natural and delicious drink which contains many benefits. These benefits serve your heart, kidneys, blood sugar level and many more.