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Prepare Your Green Salad

The green salad is all about using greens in the right proportion. So that flavours, colors, and textures come out with perfection. Greens can contain Boston lettuce (red leaf), chicory, radicchio, and endive.

Before preparing salad, you need to select the greens which will decorate your plate. As you select the greens you need to wash them with cold water. Once dirt, sediments, and sand are removed and greens are clean, lift them from the water.

Ingredients and recipe


The main ingredient of green salad is Lettuce. There are many types of lettuce. You should use two or three types of them. Because using only one kind of lettuce will make the green salad dull.

Generally, salad introduces at the start of the meal. So salad should be appetite stimulator and boost your taste.

The types of Lettuce for salad are the green leaf, romaine, red leaf and iceberg. Select any two of them, whichever available in your nearby market or supermarket, to make your green salads vibrant and of better sense of flavours, colours and textures. Introducing types of Lettuce help you to get more crunch in your salad.

Other types of lettuce are arugula, Bibb (Boston or butter), fresh spinach and frisee. Any of these can be your excellent choice of lettuces.

But before using these as your salad, check the bugs in the lettuce.

Chop lettuce into pieces:

Of course, you can’t serve lettuce as whole leaves. It does not look good. So chop lettuce, it should be into pieces. Many suggest not to chop the lettuce but tear it into pieces. Behind that, they have a theory which anchors that chopping lettuce will damage the cells. But the theory is not true. Tearing lettuce is just like bruising leaves which wastewater from lettuce. And besides it, chopped lettuce look nicer and in uniform size.


Tomato adds extra vitamins, minerals, and taste in green salad. As you have noticed in a burger, how without tomato, the burger looks tasteless.

Carefully select tomato for the salad. Classic hothouse tomatoes are good but they are watery and heavy. These can weigh down a salad with extra water.

So, cherry tomatoes are a better option. Slice them perfectly before using them in the salad. To slice them you should have a good knowledge of knives. Don’t use dull knives for slicing it. Besides it uses a serrated knife. People who suffer, or in the past have suffered, from kidney stone, should avoid this ingredient in your salad.

A Perfect Salad

A perfect green salad is a shrewd balance of flavours, colours and textures. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to include all possible ingredients. If you do, you will lose the definition of perfect green salad. There should be 4 or 5 ingredients in your green salad such as sliced bell pepper, chopped cabbage, sliced cucumbers, or shredded carrots.

Crispy and Cool

Crispness means freshness. You have to store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. Green salad needs air circulation to stay crispy. The warm green salad gets limp. So, cool or chilled green salad is best to serve.

Once the green salad is ready, use vinegar for extra taste or benefits. Use these recipes and ingredients for making a perfect green salad.

There is no time to have salad, either morning or evening. This salad is always best to make you fresh.



Reduce Fat with Honey and Lemon

Extra fats or obesity is a problem which many of us try to manage. We do so many things to get rid of it whether it is doing exercises or trying medications. But ask yourself, did it work? If your answer is no, it is the right time to move toward natural things. And honey and lemon individually is enough for this purpose. But using both of them will prove beneficial for you to reduce fat.

Use of both of these things in your daily diet can help you to improve taste as well as preserve nutrients of foods.

Honey with Lukewarm Water

Drinking lukewarm water will help you to reduce extra pounds. But honey with lukewarm water will boost its efficiency to remove fats. Honey is natural sugar. Sugar contains calories but it does not have benefits in our body. So, it is called empty calories. You can use it as a substitute of sugar.  You can add it in your green tea with lemon for better results.

Honey and Lemon Improve Digestion

Taking two or three spoons of honey after dinner, can help you to improve the digestive system. It works wonders if you have had a large meal in dinner. As we know that our metabolism works in the morning very fast but as the sun raises or set down, it slows down. At night, improved digestion system will help you to reduce your extra pounds.

Lemon has vitamin C which helps to improve blood flow in the body. With improved blood, oxygen reaches throughout of the body. It improves metabolism. It makes body fight against extra fat.

Use Honey and Lemon Juice as Morning Rituals

We know that individually lemon and honey are helpful for weight management. But the combination of these will remove the unnecessary fats at a good speed. For it, you need to boil the water and wait for it to cool down. Now add 2-3 spoons of honey in it and stir it well. Squeeze lemon in this mixture and again site it well. The best time to have it is in the morning as a ritual before taking any tea, coffee or breakfast.

Benefits of Honey & Lemon

Benefits of Honey & Lemon

Use Cinnamon with It

You feel taste bizarre to add cinnamon with lemon and honey. Cinnamon is known for stabilizing sugar levels in the blood. Lemon’s citric acid will break up carbohydrates into soluble nutrients. Trio combined with lukewarm water will provide a charismatic effect to reduce fats.


For weight management, these honey and lemon are really efficient individually. But the combination of these will help you to reduce fats faster than you thought.

After all, everybody want a tummy never peeps from the shirt buttons and keeps itself adjusted under the belt.

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Know Your Vagina

“Making God a man is the consolation prize that our forefathers gave themselves for not being the ones who were each blessed with a vagina.”

Most of the female have never taken a good look at what they’ve got going on between their legs. Some three-fourth females carry incomplete or wrong information about their body parts. And virtually all females feel insecure or ashamed about some aspect of the most intimate areas of their bodies.

Women are so worried about their labia minora (inner lips) protruding beyond their labia majora (outer lips) that they request surgery even though 50 percent of women are built this way. They request labial reduction even though the labia minora is a sexually responsive body part that plays a role in orgasms.

A vagina has an enormous capacity to stretch (as, it’s designed for newborn babies to travel through!). It also goes through a fascinating process known as “tenting”, where the vaginal muscles help the uterus lift up to make even more space for penetration. Due to its flexible nature, it regains it size and shape after stretch. The lubrication process happens on regular interval, so having a vagina means having discharge. A number of females feel awkward due to sudden unwanted wetness in their panties, this is because of lack of knowledge they should have.

The vagina is a fascinating little ecosystem that does a great job of keeping itself clean and at the proper pH (between 3.8 and 4.5) which is favourable for the growth of bacterial Lactobacillus. The vagina maintains a delicate bacterial balance. Presence of Lactobacillus results proper prevention from yeast and balance of hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and similar other elements.

Most of the women keep their vagina clean by removing pubic hair time to time. But it is recommended that vagina must not be completely out of pubic hair since these hair provide safety to this part from number of bacteria.

If one is not having a partner, pick up a battery-operated boyfriend to help keep things healthy as one ages. It’s usually not an issue until after menopause, when fragile vaginal tissue can scar and shrink. If one is not sexually active and does not engage in manual stimulation, practicing some pelvic floor exercises will be useful. The  vagina will be able to pleasure you until the day you leave this life. Safe sex is good for a lady too.

Benefits of Safe Sex

Benefits of Safe Sex

Benefits of having safe sex include lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke, reducing your risk of breast cancer, bolstering your immune system and helping you sleep. Moreover to this, other benefits include making you appear more youthful, improving your fitness, regulating menstrual cycles, relieving menstrual cramps, helping with chronic pain, reducing the risk of depression, lowering stress levels and improving self-esteem.

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Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

If you ask about sex in pregnancy, to any experienced woman, she will say that it feels quite different to do sex in her pregnancy even it is more pleasurable.

For a normal pregnancy, often it is quite safe to do sex until woman possesses labour. But in some special circumstances, you have to abstain from doing sex altogether. You should consult with your doctor if you have developed any complication which prohibits sex during pregnancy.

Physical and Mental States During Pregnancy

Blood flow increases to pelvic areas which makes genitals’ engorgement. And they are a witness of highest sensation which stimulates more pleasure while doing sex.

A pregnant women’s breast and nipples may feel tender, sensitive to touch, and tingly. Your breast remains more sensitive.

Maybe some other women do not like these strange feelings. You should talk about this with your partner. It may happen that you are feeling turned on but not enjoying the intercourse. You should try other erotic activities then such as oral sex, mutual pleasuring, and self-stimulation.

Such types of experiments make sex between a couple more pleasurable and relaxing. The pregnancy time is more about intimacy rather than intercourse. Understand that kissing, caring, hug, and curdle is far important than just sex.

Effect on Baby

In pregnancy, while making love with her partner, the baby does not get hurt. Baby is quite safe with water bag or amniotic sac and uterus strong muscles. The mucus plug is so thick and seals cervix. It helps to save a pregnant woman from infection. Intercourse does not allow the penis to cross the vagina, so penis doesn’t reach to baby and baby stays safe. However, male should ensure that he should not put his weight over her and every push should be so gentle.

Sex and Labour

Orgasm or sexual stimulation does not increase causes of miscarriage or start the labour pain. It is possible that orgasm can be the reason of uterine contractions mildly but these contractions are harmless and temporary.

Oral Sex

Oral sex in most part is safe. Touching, rubbing, licking and kissing to vertical lips is quite good. But blowing into the genital part is not recommended. There could be air embolism if you blow or force air inside the vagina. It may be life-threatening to the infant as well as the pregnant woman. It rarely happens but prevention is better to curve the mishaps.

When your male partner has an active oral herpes outbreak, it is unsafe to have oral sex too. Or if you are not sure about the HIV status of your male partner, oral sex is not safe.

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What Not to Do During Pregnancy

A sense of being pregnant is the most amazing feeling for a woman. A woman is blessed with a divine power to give birth a life. And great power comes up with great responsibility.  Every pregnant woman should take good care of the coming child and most of them do same. But lacking knowledge women do such things unknowingly that is not good for a coming child. Here we are recommending some not to do list, rest we leave on your wisdom.

Avoid Drinking

Alcohol makes way from bloodstream via umbilical and placenta cord directly to the baby of a pregnant woman which can be harmful to organs and brain development of a baby. So, make sure that during pregnancy, you are not taking even a single drop of liquor, wine, and beer.

The consequences of it include:

  1. Brain damage
  2. Stillbirth
  3. Miscarriage
  4. Birth defect
  5. Fatal alcohol spectrum
  6. Premature birth


Stop Smoking

Smoking is always bad for health but currently, it is about your baby during pregnancy. There are terrible effects of smoking on your baby and passive smoking is even more bad for your child. It has more than 4000 chemicals in it which will lead you and your child to suffer from cancer.

Exposure to the second-hand smoking leads to:

  1. Low birth weight
  2. Miscarriage
  3. Infant death syndrome
  4. Behavioral and learning problems as baby start growing up
  5. Premature delivery


Avoid Much Intake of Caffeine

Just like liquor, caffeine can cross the placental cord. Caffeine is diuretic and stimulant. These properties make it increase heart rate, blood pressure, and frequency of urination.  It is okay with you if you are intaking caffeine because your body has developed but your baby’s metabolism is still developing. From 150 to 300 milligrams per day caffeine is recommended for a pregnant lady. So, avoid tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas, and those things with containing caffeine amount.


Avoid Certain Medications

During pregnancy, you must avoid some medications like paracetamol, any tablet or capsule for abdominal pain because these are harmful to your baby’s growth. Talk to the doctor before taking any supplements and medications.

Restrict Some Foods

There are some foods which are healthy for us but during pregnancy, you should avoid them.

Smoked Seafood

Smoked seafood can be listeria-contaminated and refrigerated. So, avoid nova style salmon, kippered fish, lox, and jerky. But canned or shelf-safe Smoked seafood may be good.


Raw eggs have a high risk of salmonella. So, avoid all the foods which contain raw eggs such as mayonnaise, custards, Caesar dressings and hollandaise sauces.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese like Gorgonzola, Brie, Camembert, feta, and Roquefort may have a high risk of listeria so stay away from these soft cheeses.

 Unpasteurized Dairy Products

These products may contain a high risk of listeria but still, diet needs plenty of nutrients during pregnancy. So prefer healthy diet.


All the fishes which contain high mercury such as tilefish, shark, swordfish, king mackerel should be avoided during pregnancy. Shellfish and raw meat may be contaminated with salmonella or toxoplasmosis. Deli meat is contaminated with bacteria “listeria” which can enter the placenta and infect your unborn baby.

Consider these points one of the most important things during pregnancy and be ready to welcome a healthy child.


Keep Yourself Fit with Kiwis

We all have heard the statement that an apple keeps a doctor far away. But Kiwi does not lag behind apple whether nutrients or minerals. We are introducing you with some of the miraculous effects of Kiwis.

Rich in vitamin C

Many of us think that lemons, as well as oranges, are the richest source of Vitamin C. If we are going to break kiwi fruit as per nutritional aspects, we find in 100 grams of kiwis there is 54 per cent of Vitamin C.

This amount is double the amount of vitamin C which oranges or lemons possess. As we know that vitamin C is a very efficient antioxidant. Antioxidants are known for their free radicals eliminating property. Free radicals are the cause of cancer or inflammation. Harmful pathogens can be cured by Kiwis.

Curves Sleeping Disorder

Do you have a problem with sleeping? Kiwis can help you. This fruit has some compounds which are great as per medical aspects. Serotonin and antioxidants have huge success to curve sleeping disorders. It is widely known that two kiwis before one hour of bedtime can improve your sleep quality.

Rich Source of Dietary Fibres

Kiwis are full of dietary fibres.  Dietary fibers have property to prevent various diseases. Many researchers suggest that consuming fibre-rich food will help to lower the risks of coronary heart disease as well as cardiovascular disease. It controls cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and many other diseases. More often it is recommended to diabetic patients.

Improves Digestion

Kiwi contains enzyme such as actinidain. It possesses protein dissolution properties just like papaya. So, it is used for tenderizing meat. It helps to fight against bowel syndrome which is so irritable to tolerate.

Minerals and Vitamins

Kiwi is full of vitamins including Vitamin A, B12, B6, C, and E. It contains minerals as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. These all minerals and vitamins are necessary for blood circulation, healthy boons, teeth and good eyesight. Along with these, Kiwi helps to maintain blood pressure.

Beautiful Skin

Kiwi helps to fight against the side effects of acidic foods. It is because of its alkaline property. Kiwi balances the pH level of the body. That blesses you with full of energy, active, and youthful skin.

Healthy heart

Kiwi contains carotenoids, omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols. These all promote the health of the heart.

These are some miraculous properties of Kiwi. These benefits make it not less than apple.


Benefits of Steam Bath

Steam bath is mainly seen in spa or at the gym. Usually, the temperature varies inside the steam room but it is kept around 110 degree Fahrenheit. Steam bathroom is used to sit in the heated, small room.

The heat is generated in the steam bath by boiling water. And the main element plays role in the steam room is humidity.

Steam bath claims many health benefits. There are too many ways through which it can improve your health.

Skin Health: As your body skin is exposed to the environment, there are possibilities of various toxins trapped beneath your skin increase. Steam rooms can help you to resolve with this issue just by opening up your skin pores. Steam rinses away the dead and dirty skin. These are the main reason for the break out skin. Steam bath results in you with toned and clearer skin. Steam bath rejuvenates your skin to make you feel more fresh and relaxed.

Calories Buster: Steam bath balances the heart rate. For the most benefits, you should use the steam room after your work out which includes aerobic exercises. After work out, your heart rate is elevated already, and steam bath prolongs this elevation. Experts say that steam stimulates your body in such a way that even typical exercises cannot do.

Improves Immune System: Just like many hydrotherapies, steam bathing is well known for immunity boosting. It stimulates leukocytes, cells which fight against infections.

Remedy for Stiff Joints: As we know that warming up before a workout is very much helpful to avoid the injury, steam bath is a part of the warm-up process after you do hardcore exercises just like yoga, Pilates, running, and any sports. It also helps to avoid pain after work out which is called delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS). Professional athletes have been taking this therapy for a long

 Improves Blood Circulation: steam bath significantly affects your heart health. The heat increases your heart rate that improves the blood circulation and it improves the lower blood pressure issues. Hormones such as aldosterone release which are necessary to regulate blood pressure.

Reduces Stress: Steam bathing releases hormones such as cortisol which can lower the stress level and it makes you feel good. When cortisol level drops, you feel so relaxed. Spending quality time with steam bath not only makes you feel relaxed but also helps you to heal the mind and improves focus.

Whenever you get the chance never forget to take a steam bath because it is always good for you’re your body and your freshness.


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Are You Really Ready for Pregnancy?

World’s most amazing feeling is to be parents if you take decision to have a baby at the right time. Maybe you have some names of children in your mind, you have affection for your sister’s children. But Are You Really Ready for Pregnancy? There are some signs that will tell you that you are really ready for pregnancy.

You are ready for it when you are prepared mentally and physically. We will show you how.

Mental or Behavioural:

  • You are looking at other people’s children without removing eyes from them. Your eyes revolve around or stuck to their little cute hands and innocent face.
  • You don’t mind to wake up morning or night. Because a baby doesn’t have fixed timing to sleep.
  • You don’t disgust to leakage of bodily fluid of baby.
  • Many women are sensitive to show their breast but when you are ready to show them who supposed to see them? Perhaps, the baby. During pregnancy and nursing, these might be huge and veiny and after that, they will lose their charm just like a balloon.
  • Sleeping should not be your problem because when you got pregnant, the baby will kick you in your ribs while you are sleeping. So, do all sleeping before you want to get pregnant.
  • If you love going out but also enjoy your company or watching TV serials, you devote your most of time in eating, sleeping, and even showering.
  • You don’t care for dressing up, drinking and eating yummy stuff, and seeing your friends.
  • You don’t mind to pick crumbs off your close one’s shirt and eat it or you eat meals the leftovers from their plate mindlessly. It is great to sign that you are ready to be pregnant.
  • Many times you have seen children do tantrums at If you are ready to take this idea further and not get irritated with this, congratulation you are ready to get pregnant.

Physical or Biological:

  • Mostly women have chances to get pregnant in five days before the ovulation. They are most fertile at that time. If this time you intercourse, you have strong chances to get pregnant. Sometimes cycle lengths vary, ovulation occurs 14 days before the particular time. If you are ready for pregnancy, make sure to have sex regularly from day 11.
  • It is not like that you can get pregnant during a period. Sperm can live for six days in Fallopian tubes where eggs release.
  • Young girls, their age will be 25 or younger, have a higher rate of getting pregnant every month. At the age of 30, there are 15 per cent chance of conceiving. And the age of 35, you have less than 10 per cent chances of conceiving.
  • Generally, it is said that the pregnancy period is nine month but actually it is a process of 10 months. In some cases, a baby takes 42 weeks to get introduced.
  • Pregnancy takes a lot of things from your body, such as nutrients. You should start taking healthy diet, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as junk foods to keep both of you healthy.

Economic Perspective:

Before thinking to conceive, you must also think about the welcoming expenses. If you are no interested in savings and believe in only current living, conceiving may shake the roots of your living ways and standards. You should have good savings, a sufficient amount in your bank balance for any emergency and long-term planning of the budget you prepare each month after getting salary. If you lack any of these points, you may feel tensed for not managing the things properly. Often it happens that parents give birth to children without thinking that how will they manage the additional member in the family, but later they sacrifice their own wishes to fulfil his or hers. It should not be the case with you. Think about this before being ready for listening someone calling you mom or dad.


Fruits That You Should Eat Daily

Fruits That You Should Eat Daily

Nutrition experts suggest often to include fruits in diet due to the presence of a number of types of minerals, vitamins and other elements that are required by our body. Although seasonal fruits are supposed to include in the daily dietary chart for better effects on the body, but there are some fruits which you must eat on daily basis in comparison of other fruits because of their high benefits for the body.


Everyone has heard that an apple keeps a doctor far away. Whenever you want to eat an apple, have the whole one. Some people use the juice of apple but some of the important nutrition left out such as fibre. A whole apple contains both types of fibres; first is insoluble fibre and other is soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is very useful for digestive health and soluble fibre is useful for lowering cholesterol. Apple contains antioxidant properties as well as other contents which are helpful to fight against diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and risk of cancer. Do not peel Apple as its skin is more beneficial to consume.


After apples, pears have a lot of benefits for health. Pears are a rich source of vitamin C, potassium and fibres. It helps in skin-related problems, digestive system and many more.


Blueberries store the great and powerful amount of antioxidants which is necessary to keep body cells healthy. Yes, blueberries are small but antioxidants in these make these mighty. Antioxidants in it help to minimize chronic disease which helps us to live a long life. You can eat them in natural form or you can sprinkle these into yogurt or oats.


Grapes contain resveratrol. Purple and red grapes have a high level of resveratrol which you must have noticed in red wine. Resveratrol is a very efficient antioxidant which is able to fight against damaging cells and it can reduce heart disease risks.


Many times you have listened from sportspersons and gym individuals to have bananas for weight gaining. This is why because persons who work towards weight loss usually avoid intake of Bananas. But bananas are very beneficial for them who want high intake of potassium and easy digestion. It possesses a low level of sodium. So, it is beneficial for controlling high blood pressure.


Lemons, the name makes watered your mouth. And you can decide not to intake these with this reason. If you incorporate lemon in your daily diet, you can be a witness of the benefits. If you don’t want a direct intake of lemon, you can squeeze a fresh lemon in your food which can add taste to your foods. It will give you energy as well as limit the effects of caffeine and sugar.


A rich source of vitamin C, potassium, oranges are low-calorie fruits. Intake it in the daily meal will refresh you. It always appears fruitful in healing cracked lips and skins. Members of its family like Mosambi, Malta and Kinnow can also be consumed on regular basis. Taking a glass full of Mosambi juice is extremely good for health.


Olives are a naturally rich source of sugars. It is recommended to use it in your daily diet due to the richness of high iron, and healthy fats content. This is helpful to oxygenate the blood and construct h3 cardiovascular mechanism. Both green and black olives have their own advantage of consuming.

These all fruits are benefited for health. You must incorporate these in your daily diet. We recommend you to take whole fruit rather than fruit concentrations or juices.


Lukewarm Water and Your Health

Lukewarm Water and Your Health

What can’t a lukewarm water intake do if we are taking it on daily basis? We start our day with hot tea or coffee which gives us a kick start to get out of bed. But if we start our day with water especially lukewarm, we will find it panacea for many diseases and the best way to start a day.

It can heal internal body, boost immunity, metabolism, and digestive power. Many physicians as well as Ayurveda suggest to take lukewarm water in morning to sooth free radical activity. This causes cancer in our body.

Lukewarm water is always good for women because they have scores of hormones to deal with. But that doesn’t mean that lukewarm water has fewer benefits for men.

Blood Circulation Improvement

When you drink lukewarm water, fats stored in body get eliminated. When fats reduce, it removes toxins which flow throughout the body. It improves our blood circulation and makes our muscles relax.

Avoids Premature Aging

For most of us premature aging is nightmare especially for woman. But lukewarm intake has its solution. The toxins which lead you to premature aging, lukewarm water cleanse these. This increases the elasticity of your skin cell as well as heal your damaged skin.

Increase Metabolism

If you are up to weight loss process, you must give intake of lukewarm water a chance.  Lukewarm water will increase your body temperature which boosts metabolism. Improved metabolism leads to burn calories which sheds your extra pounds.

Improves Digestion

Lukewarm water helps your food to break down in your stomach and does not let your digestive system divert from its track. Drinking lukewarm water helps your body to digest oil and fat from your consumed food. It makes minerals more effective in water in comparison of cold water.

For the patients of constipation, lukewarm water is not less than any blessing. Foods break down in the stomach and pass through intestine smoothly.

Warm or lukewarm water is very useful for cramps. As it flows in your body, blood starts flowing throughout your skin efficiently. This makes your cramped muscles relaxed.

We know many benefits of water. But to reap maximum benefits of water, you need to have lukewarm water intake. Warm water can damage your internal tissues of esophagus as well as mouth and cold water has not much benefits for minerals consumption in body.