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Are You Really Ready for Pregnancy?

World’s most amazing feeling is to be parents if you take decision to have a baby at the right time. Maybe you have some names of children in your mind, you have affection for your sister’s children. But Are You Really Ready for Pregnancy? There are some signs that will tell you that you are really ready for pregnancy.

You are ready for it when you are prepared mentally and physically. We will show you how.

Mental or Behavioural:

  • You are looking at other people’s children without removing eyes from them. Your eyes revolve around or stuck to their little cute hands and innocent face.
  • You don’t mind to wake up morning or night. Because a baby doesn’t have fixed timing to sleep.
  • You don’t disgust to leakage of bodily fluid of baby.
  • Many women are sensitive to show their breast but when you are ready to show them who supposed to see them? Perhaps, the baby. During pregnancy and nursing, these might be huge and veiny and after that, they will lose their charm just like a balloon.
  • Sleeping should not be your problem because when you got pregnant, the baby will kick you in your ribs while you are sleeping. So, do all sleeping before you want to get pregnant.
  • If you love going out but also enjoy your company or watching TV serials, you devote your most of time in eating, sleeping, and even showering.
  • You don’t care for dressing up, drinking and eating yummy stuff, and seeing your friends.
  • You don’t mind to pick crumbs off your close one’s shirt and eat it or you eat meals the leftovers from their plate mindlessly. It is great to sign that you are ready to be pregnant.
  • Many times you have seen children do tantrums at If you are ready to take this idea further and not get irritated with this, congratulation you are ready to get pregnant.

Physical or Biological:

  • Mostly women have chances to get pregnant in five days before the ovulation. They are most fertile at that time. If this time you intercourse, you have strong chances to get pregnant. Sometimes cycle lengths vary, ovulation occurs 14 days before the particular time. If you are ready for pregnancy, make sure to have sex regularly from day 11.
  • It is not like that you can get pregnant during a period. Sperm can live for six days in Fallopian tubes where eggs release.
  • Young girls, their age will be 25 or younger, have a higher rate of getting pregnant every month. At the age of 30, there are 15 per cent chance of conceiving. And the age of 35, you have less than 10 per cent chances of conceiving.
  • Generally, it is said that the pregnancy period is nine month but actually it is a process of 10 months. In some cases, a baby takes 42 weeks to get introduced.
  • Pregnancy takes a lot of things from your body, such as nutrients. You should start taking healthy diet, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as junk foods to keep both of you healthy.

Economic Perspective:

Before thinking to conceive, you must also think about the welcoming expenses. If you are no interested in savings and believe in only current living, conceiving may shake the roots of your living ways and standards. You should have good savings, a sufficient amount in your bank balance for any emergency and long-term planning of the budget you prepare each month after getting salary. If you lack any of these points, you may feel tensed for not managing the things properly. Often it happens that parents give birth to children without thinking that how will they manage the additional member in the family, but later they sacrifice their own wishes to fulfil his or hers. It should not be the case with you. Think about this before being ready for listening someone calling you mom or dad.