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Give Your Female Partner an Orgasmic Feel of Deep Sexual Pleasure

In this busy life, we spent most of our time whether in the stressful environment of office or understanding the unsolved mystery of competitive books. Whenever we get time out of this, we do use some social media apps or sometimes visit porn websites. This is all the sum of our daily lives. If we are single, we do masturbate, if we have partner we go with him or her for sexual pleasure.

Both masturbation and sex are good in their own way. Where in masturbation you satisfy your reveries by touching yourself in most inappropriate way, in couple sex you satisfy yourself in the company of your partner. Some men finish it within five minutes, while some go for hours in bed with their partner. But have you ever wondered that while doing sex, you feel satisfied but whether she is satisfied?

Yes! Might be she would not tell you but she may not feel satisfied with you during sexual intercourse. In a relation, initially it is ignored by both, but later this issue arises with serious concern, which leads to disturbance in personal life and sometimes end of the relations too. If you really love her, it is your responsibility to make her feel satisfied in any way.

It Takes a Lot to Win Her

Chanakya has said that women are eight times more sexually active than men, it means it requires a lot to satisfy their bodily needs. Studies have revealed that almost 72 per cent women do not feel orgasm during sex. They just compromise their bodily wish with the orgasm of their partner.

It is not a game of some five minutes. But is it all about putting yours into hers? No! It is more than that. You should be attached to her from her hearth, not by body. You should understand her wishes and words without her words. This brings maturity in a relations and makes both understand each other.

Let’s learn few ways you can try with your partner so that she becomes proactive with you next time onwards:

  • It is often seen that while doing intercourse, men become self-obsessed and wait for the moment of orgasm. They forget that there is one more person with them who also wants to be satisfied at the very same time. For example, Andrea wants her boyfriend to eat her vagina during sex, but Robert does not like to touch her vagina with mouth. This leads Andrea down and uninterested in sex. She also hides her sexual feeling from Robert because he hardly cares her words for healthy sexual relations. You are required to understand her feelings.
  • Do not do anything which she resists. If she does not like oral sex, just try to convince her calmly. Doing it forcefully may make her feel disinterested in sex for a long time.
  • Do not get confused with her moaning. When you enter your penis into hers, it gives pain initially but after few minutes pleasure. If she moans, makes little noise, it means she is enjoying it, but it does not mean that she has achieved her orgasm. It is just the beginning of her pleasure.
  • Take proper rest before doing sex. Stay calm and stay cool. Do not do any hurry while doing with her. The time is yours so the orgasm is.
  • Hold her hand. Cross your fingers with hers. Start from soft kisses and touches.
  • Hug her and gradually rub her back.
  • Kiss on the neck by pushing hair back. This is one of the most sensitive points to ignite her. She would always love her.
  • Grab her lips into yours and do a warm smooch. Yes! Repeat your smooch by closing your eyes while rubbing her back.
  • Remove her top from the shoulder and kiss there. Slightly make the shoulder bare by putting the bra strap off the shoulder. Kiss there. Meanwhile, do not forget to rub her back.
  • While kissing on shoulder, you can bring one of your hand on her breasts and roll over it. Remember, do not press.
  • Come again on lips and do a hard smooch. Read her face now. It will tell you a lot what she desires at that moment.
  • Slightly press her breasts.
  • Keep kissing and move one of your hand to her buttock. Press there gently.
  • Slightly move your hand inside her top from the back and ask her if it can be removed now.
  • Do not do hurry, let her put off her top.
  • Look at her breasts locked in some sized bra. Appreciate it and take it into your palm. Press gently.
  • Kiss again. Cover her faces, lips, shoulders and neck with your kisses.
  • There are hundreds of men who find difficulty in unhooking the bra. Be brave, unhook it from back rather than putting off both bra straps. Remove her bra gently.
  • Now you have another softest part of her body. Roll your hand over it. Press gently.
  • Touch the nipples with your fingers and thumb and look at her face. If she smiles, she is welcoming you to run over you.
  • Put of your t-shirt and let her feel the warmth of your body. She will roll her palm over your chest, let her do. She will kiss too, let her do. Feel pleasure with her. Meanwhile, you can keep pressing her breast gently.
  • Go down. Unhook her jeans and let her do yours. Do not stop her if she enters her hand into your underwear. Let her play her part, let her be and let her do what she wants. If she is doing this, you are on the right track. You have ignited her desires in proper way.
  • Cuddle with her. Rub her body gently and let her do the same. Keep talking. If you want, you can play instrumental music or some slow romantic songs too in the background.
  • Do more and more romantic activity with your partner before you start sex.
  • Play with her body parts head to toe. Let her do the same.
  • Touch her softly. Let her nipples touch your body. Listen her breathing and lock her lips into yours.
  • Touch her vagina slowly and patiently. Do not do hurry to insert your penis or finger, just roll your hand there.
  • Let her take your penis in hand and play.
  • Do not ask her to kiss on penis. Let her do if she desires. Be open and cooperate with her as you expect her to do when you touch her down there.
  • Go down and kiss on her thigh. Run butterfly over her body. Kiss around her bellybutton. Kiss her stomach. Come up again. Let her again hold your penis and your take her breasts in your arm.
  • Kiss her breasts again and then again. Cherish her face and put all her hair back. Let her kiss you wherever she wants. Make yourself free for her, this is what she needs.
  • Turn her. Kiss on her back. Come down gradually from shoulder to back.
  • If you people do enjoy oral sex, you can start then but putting yours into her mouth or by eating her vagina.
  • Before eating vagina, kiss gently there again and again. Rub gently. She will moan but do continue. Notice where are her hands. If these are on your head while you are engaged with her vagina, you are doing great. Keep going.
  • Take rest for a while and talk to her. Take deep breathes. It not only makes you and your partner more active but also increases your sex time span.
  • Always remember that doing something on regular basis may be boring. Sex is more about a feel and pleasure not only about penetrating vagina with an erected penis. So sometimes try new things in your sex. Monotonous sex leads to lack of interest of your partner. For example, you can change room, you can change time, you can change dress, you can change music, you can use handcuffs or blindfold, you many you can change type of sex, you can change position and so on. Do innovative things that will engage your partner is more prominent way. For example, you can use ice-creams or chocolate for foreplay. Put it anywhere on her body and then lick softly. Do the same for her as well
  • Again, do not do hurry. If you do hurry in anything, it may frustrate her and leave unsatisfied. Play with her body parts gently and listen what she desires.
  • It is a bitter fact that if your partner is not enjoying it, you are also not enjoying the actual pleasure of sex. If you think so, it is a myth. Do more and more foreplay to ignite her more and more. Women take little time to be turned on so keep patience till she is activated.
  • Do not hesitate to repeat any activity if she requests you to do so or you notice it is giving her pleasure.
  • Do not enter your penis inside her blindly. Wait for the moment her vagina gets wet after foreplay. If her vagina is wet, it means she is ready to take your penis in.
  • Push your penis inside her gradually. Wet vagina works as lubricant and makes the entry easy. Note that you are putting your weight on her. Let her feel the penetration rather than diverting her mind by putting your weight on her body. Gradually increase the frequency of strokes. Do let her breath properly. Meanwhile, ask her if she is not comfortable in that position or she wants to try any new position on bed or floor.
  • You can notice that her nipples have been tight now. Rub these in your fingers. Press her breasts tightly this time and repeat. Make eye contact with her and wink on her. Pass smile and flying kiss.
  • Once you are done, do foreplay again. Kiss on her lips to end it in a good way.
  • Ask her whether she enjoyed this time. Hug her tightly.

Always remember that be attached with your partner on emotional and mental level so that you feel the best of sexual pleasure on physical level.

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Are Roasted Almonds Really Healthy?

Photo by Олеся from Pexels

Almond is always a rich source of fat. It consists of unsaturated fat more than saturated fat. One on side, saturated fat leads to bad cholesterol, unsaturated fat lowers bad cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease, on the other. Almond is also a source of omega-3, omega-6, and monounsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats help in cells’ construction. This maintains muscles health by absorbing minerals and vitamins in your body. So, almonds are no doubt healthy for the body.

But are roasted almonds healthy? To get the answer we must differentiate between roasted almonds and raw almonds.

Fat Composition

Raw almonds are free from bad cholesterol, whereas higher in saturated fat. When we roast raw almonds, saturated fats and unsaturated fats go up. The fat composition here is not any subject to much concern. This makes consumption of roast almonds is quite healthy just like raw almonds. Raw almonds have better contents of fibres than roasted fibres. Contents of fibres go down in when we roast them. For the people who are up to weight loss, roasted almonds are not beneficial for them comparatively. May roasted almond be proved athletes’ post-workout nutritious food due to its taste, fats, and omega compositions.

Vitamin B

Thiamin is water-soluble vitamin B and it is three times more in raw almonds than roasted almonds. When we roast raw almond, the amount of B-Complex vitamin goes down. As we notice that there is 5% B-complex of daily requirements in half a cup of roasted almond. The same amount of raw almond provides 14% B-complex of the daily requirement. So, if you are looking high B-complex in your diet, raw almonds are a better option. There is no harm to consume roasted almond if there are no abundant benefits.

Boost Metabolism

Roasted or raw almonds are the source of 100% daily requirement for vitamin E. Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin E and thiamin are responsible for converting food into energy. It also boosts the body’s metabolism. Roasted almonds are rich sources of Riboflavin, Niacin, and thiamin. You need to include roasted almonds in your diet for weight loss without any second thought.

Other Benefits

Roasted almonds have abundance in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. These play an important role in your bone health. For heart health, soothing migraine headaches, these are the most required minerals. In premenstrual syndrome and relieving anxiety, these are the efficient source. Minerals are helpful to build strong teeth, repair cells and tissue, filter out wastes from kidneys and manage and store energies.

In short, roasted almonds may not be as healthy as raw almonds, but these are the tasty solution to stay fit and healthy.

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What Your Wife Expects from You but Doesn’t Express

There is nothing that makes a woman more secure than a selfless sacrificial male. There is nothing that makes a woman more insecure than a selfish, detached male. When a couple marries, they don’t understand each other quite well because they are from different background, different needs.

A man doesn’t need security but a lady needs a lot. A man is secure in himself. A woman needs security not because she is weak but because she is in touch with things a man is not. Women are very sensitive, caring and connected to the world around them and for you to have a successful marriage, it means you understand all day long, everything in your wife’s life that you connect with and help her which makes her feel secure. Your concern about the kids, finance, her emotions, her spirituality, her job, broken taps, utensils, everything is going to help her in making her secure. A thing that doesn’t bother a man, really bothers a woman. When she feels insecure, there is only one thing that will make her secure that is your care.

Women too should learn how to covey her worries, care and love to the partner. It should never be sounding nagging. It should make a man feel honoured while listening to a lady’s plea to certain things.

A woman is man’s best which is believed when they care for each other and respect each other. A woman comes from different background and she accepts the way you live into. She will only expect the best out of her husband. She is on her toes since morning to evening. In exchange of her selfless efforts she only needs to be cared, to be listened and to be nurtured with love and affection.

A lady gets into a male’s word, accepts what he is for, what his scenarios are, likewise, a male too should try at least once to fit himself in her shoe. How it feels like to accept what she is for, what her scenarios are.

God never creates anything to fail. God designed marriage to support each other, care for each other. What makes her feel secure is a selfless sacrificial male who is tuned in with them. If couple is having intimacy in a relationship, it means they trust each other. None of them tries to pull anyone down. Dominating each other will yield into nothing. This will only create a feeling of disrespect and disrespect.

A woman only wants a good, unhurried, uninterrupted conversation.   A husband should dwell with his wife in an understanding way. Giving honour to wife by knowing her desires, dreams, goals, fears and insecurities etc. like a guy does when he tries to get her. Protect her. Women are stronger than men but behind all this they need a strong morale, financial, emotional, physical support. A guy can learn these simple things every single day to be the person a wife needs.

Sometimes you feel that to look after children and handle the household is her duty and you keep yourself engaged in outer world activities. When it goes longer and longer there develops a wall between what you see her and what she wants things to be. This often leads to serious issues in relationships, sometimes separation. So, understand that it is your family and every responsibility is your responsibility. It is not an office where you can easily say I won’t do his or her work. Here, if you say so, you would definitely face the adverse.

Though she will never say, but sometimes hold her hand when roaming in the market, take interest in her choices when she is messed with n number of clothes in shopping mall, suggest some colours of dress and ask her to try, bring ice-cream cones to her sometimes when coming back to home from office, stand with her in the kitchen while she cooks food, go with her for grocery shopping, appreciate her occasionally for preparing tasty food, choosing colour of curtains, placing everything on its place, opening the door on your first voice or doorbell, click some photos with her, let her play Holi with you, hug her in Eid and enlighten her heart in Diwali, dance with her in Vaishakhi and celebrate Christmas with her. These are small things which she wants but will never express.

Do at your own and see how you knit the tightest knot of your relationship that remains till eternity.

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Know Your Vagina

“Making God a man is the consolation prize that our forefathers gave themselves for not being the ones who were each blessed with a vagina.”

Most of the female have never taken a good look at what they’ve got going on between their legs. Some three-fourth females carry incomplete or wrong information about their body parts. And virtually all females feel insecure or ashamed about some aspect of the most intimate areas of their bodies.

Women are so worried about their labia minora (inner lips) protruding beyond their labia majora (outer lips) that they request surgery even though 50 percent of women are built this way. They request labial reduction even though the labia minora is a sexually responsive body part that plays a role in orgasms.

A vagina has an enormous capacity to stretch (as, it’s designed for newborn babies to travel through!). It also goes through a fascinating process known as “tenting”, where the vaginal muscles help the uterus lift up to make even more space for penetration. Due to its flexible nature, it regains it size and shape after stretch. The lubrication process happens on regular interval, so having a vagina means having discharge. A number of females feel awkward due to sudden unwanted wetness in their panties, this is because of lack of knowledge they should have.

The vagina is a fascinating little ecosystem that does a great job of keeping itself clean and at the proper pH (between 3.8 and 4.5) which is favourable for the growth of bacterial Lactobacillus. The vagina maintains a delicate bacterial balance. Presence of Lactobacillus results proper prevention from yeast and balance of hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and similar other elements.

Most of the women keep their vagina clean by removing pubic hair time to time. But it is recommended that vagina must not be completely out of pubic hair since these hair provide safety to this part from number of bacteria.

If one is not having a partner, pick up a battery-operated boyfriend to help keep things healthy as one ages. It’s usually not an issue until after menopause, when fragile vaginal tissue can scar and shrink. If one is not sexually active and does not engage in manual stimulation, practicing some pelvic floor exercises will be useful. The  vagina will be able to pleasure you until the day you leave this life. Safe sex is good for a lady too.

Benefits of Safe Sex

Benefits of Safe Sex

Benefits of having safe sex include lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke, reducing your risk of breast cancer, bolstering your immune system and helping you sleep. Moreover to this, other benefits include making you appear more youthful, improving your fitness, regulating menstrual cycles, relieving menstrual cramps, helping with chronic pain, reducing the risk of depression, lowering stress levels and improving self-esteem.

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Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

If you ask about sex in pregnancy, to any experienced woman, she will say that it feels quite different to do sex in her pregnancy even it is more pleasurable.

For a normal pregnancy, often it is quite safe to do sex until woman possesses labour. But in some special circumstances, you have to abstain from doing sex altogether. You should consult with your doctor if you have developed any complication which prohibits sex during pregnancy.

Physical and Mental States During Pregnancy

Blood flow increases to pelvic areas which makes genitals’ engorgement. And they are a witness of highest sensation which stimulates more pleasure while doing sex.

A pregnant women’s breast and nipples may feel tender, sensitive to touch, and tingly. Your breast remains more sensitive.

Maybe some other women do not like these strange feelings. You should talk about this with your partner. It may happen that you are feeling turned on but not enjoying the intercourse. You should try other erotic activities then such as oral sex, mutual pleasuring, and self-stimulation.

Such types of experiments make sex between a couple more pleasurable and relaxing. The pregnancy time is more about intimacy rather than intercourse. Understand that kissing, caring, hug, and curdle is far important than just sex.

Effect on Baby

In pregnancy, while making love with her partner, the baby does not get hurt. Baby is quite safe with water bag or amniotic sac and uterus strong muscles. The mucus plug is so thick and seals cervix. It helps to save a pregnant woman from infection. Intercourse does not allow the penis to cross the vagina, so penis doesn’t reach to baby and baby stays safe. However, male should ensure that he should not put his weight over her and every push should be so gentle.

Sex and Labour

Orgasm or sexual stimulation does not increase causes of miscarriage or start the labour pain. It is possible that orgasm can be the reason of uterine contractions mildly but these contractions are harmless and temporary.

Oral Sex

Oral sex in most part is safe. Touching, rubbing, licking and kissing to vertical lips is quite good. But blowing into the genital part is not recommended. There could be air embolism if you blow or force air inside the vagina. It may be life-threatening to the infant as well as the pregnant woman. It rarely happens but prevention is better to curve the mishaps.

When your male partner has an active oral herpes outbreak, it is unsafe to have oral sex too. Or if you are not sure about the HIV status of your male partner, oral sex is not safe.

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Are You Really Ready for Pregnancy?

World’s most amazing feeling is to be parents if you take decision to have a baby at the right time. Maybe you have some names of children in your mind, you have affection for your sister’s children. But Are You Really Ready for Pregnancy? There are some signs that will tell you that you are really ready for pregnancy.

You are ready for it when you are prepared mentally and physically. We will show you how.

Mental or Behavioural:

  • You are looking at other people’s children without removing eyes from them. Your eyes revolve around or stuck to their little cute hands and innocent face.
  • You don’t mind to wake up morning or night. Because a baby doesn’t have fixed timing to sleep.
  • You don’t disgust to leakage of bodily fluid of baby.
  • Many women are sensitive to show their breast but when you are ready to show them who supposed to see them? Perhaps, the baby. During pregnancy and nursing, these might be huge and veiny and after that, they will lose their charm just like a balloon.
  • Sleeping should not be your problem because when you got pregnant, the baby will kick you in your ribs while you are sleeping. So, do all sleeping before you want to get pregnant.
  • If you love going out but also enjoy your company or watching TV serials, you devote your most of time in eating, sleeping, and even showering.
  • You don’t care for dressing up, drinking and eating yummy stuff, and seeing your friends.
  • You don’t mind to pick crumbs off your close one’s shirt and eat it or you eat meals the leftovers from their plate mindlessly. It is great to sign that you are ready to be pregnant.
  • Many times you have seen children do tantrums at If you are ready to take this idea further and not get irritated with this, congratulation you are ready to get pregnant.

Physical or Biological:

  • Mostly women have chances to get pregnant in five days before the ovulation. They are most fertile at that time. If this time you intercourse, you have strong chances to get pregnant. Sometimes cycle lengths vary, ovulation occurs 14 days before the particular time. If you are ready for pregnancy, make sure to have sex regularly from day 11.
  • It is not like that you can get pregnant during a period. Sperm can live for six days in Fallopian tubes where eggs release.
  • Young girls, their age will be 25 or younger, have a higher rate of getting pregnant every month. At the age of 30, there are 15 per cent chance of conceiving. And the age of 35, you have less than 10 per cent chances of conceiving.
  • Generally, it is said that the pregnancy period is nine month but actually it is a process of 10 months. In some cases, a baby takes 42 weeks to get introduced.
  • Pregnancy takes a lot of things from your body, such as nutrients. You should start taking healthy diet, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as junk foods to keep both of you healthy.

Economic Perspective:

Before thinking to conceive, you must also think about the welcoming expenses. If you are no interested in savings and believe in only current living, conceiving may shake the roots of your living ways and standards. You should have good savings, a sufficient amount in your bank balance for any emergency and long-term planning of the budget you prepare each month after getting salary. If you lack any of these points, you may feel tensed for not managing the things properly. Often it happens that parents give birth to children without thinking that how will they manage the additional member in the family, but later they sacrifice their own wishes to fulfil his or hers. It should not be the case with you. Think about this before being ready for listening someone calling you mom or dad.